Sustainable City of Sustainable Neighbourhoods


Reports, Reference Material and Videos

Project Report

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The final report(1.3MB) on the Sustainable City of Sustainable Neighbourhoods project describes the development of the project, from the early project concept, through the discussions and consultations, to the final symposium and follow-up. Topics covered include the challenges in attempting to convene a neighbourhoods advisory group composed of representative of neighbourhood organizations in each of the City's 23 local areas, the City's extensive web of policies associated with the idea of sustainable development, and the diversity of ideas about the meaning of 'sustainability' for neighbourhoods, and the challenges of convening a truly diverse group of neighbourhood organizations for the symposium.

Symposium Materials and Working Documents

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Materials and working documents relating to the two-part symposium held in April 2011 were uploaded to a micro-website during the project, which now also contains background materials relating to the organization of the symposium. Some direct links:

  • Symposium invitation posters - public event and invitational symposium
  • Morning discussion Questions and session record notes
  • List ofStrategies for afternoon discussion and session record notes
  • Results of voting on strategies
  • June Action Planning Meetingpriority list developed at the symposium
  • Collection of stickies with responses completing the statement: A neighbourhood isn't sustainable without...
  • List of community organizations invited to the symposium
  • Display materials and background information prepared for the symposium
  • SummaryNotes for Neighbourhoods Advisory Group meetings and Post-Symposium Action Planning meeting


symp_school_vidVideos of the 14 presentations made by citizens active in enhancing the sustainability of their neighbourhoods can be viewed on YouTube, along with the presentation made by the VCPC project committee chair on sustainability in neighbourhoods. The list is available here, with links to the individual videos, or go to the Commission's Neighbourhoods2011 YouTube channel.

Council Report and Presentation

symp_slides2 The report on the Sustainable Neighbourhoods project was presented to Council on July 28, 2011. The agenda for the Council meeting provides a link to the formal version of the written report, and a link to a video recording of the meeting. The slides provide highlights of the presentation.